Rotem Rozental is the Chief Curator of the American Jewish University, Director of the IJC, and the Assistant Dean of the Whizin Center. Rotem is a photo-historian, writer, and curator. Traversing the domains of technology, media and art, Rotem has been working as a consultant, editor, writer and organizer for international publications, as well as cultural non-profits and organizations in Israel and The US. 

In 2015-2016, she served as the Dr. Sophie Bookhalter Research Fellow for Jewish Culture at the Center for Jewish History in NYC (CJH). Her curatorial projects also include Dead Lands: Karkaot Mawat, winner of the NurtureArt 2015-2016 Curatorial Call, We – Festi-Conference for Creative Collectives (2012-2013, Jerusalem), Three Cities Against the Wall (New York, Ramallah and Tel Aviv, 2005), and the collaborative archival project Outlet: The Archive of the Israeli Trade Center. Her writings and scholarly texts have appeared in magazines, journals, and publications such as Photographies, Philosophy of Photography,,, and Uncertain States. 

Livya Howard-Yashar is the Arts Program Associate of the American Jewish University. Livya is a dancer/choreographer, educator, musician and actor native to Los Angeles, and a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Livya is the Arts Program Associate, overseeing the universities galleries, visual and performing arts programs and venues, and the Institute for Jewish Creativity.

Livya has worked as an arts administrator for non profit institutions both in Los Angeles and New York, such as the 92nd Street Y and most recently the Electric Lodge in Venice. She has worked as an assistant and gallery docent for individual artists throughout the LA area and works with performing and visual artists both locally and internationally.