Dr. Rotem Rozental is the Chief Curator of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, where she serves as the Assistant Dean of the Whizin Center for Continuing Education and the Director of the Institute for Jewish Creativity. In these roles, Rotem works with and mentors artists throughout various stages of their careers, while spearheading annual exhibition spaces, cultural programming, a growing network of Jewish artists in Los Angeles, cross-city collaborations, institutional collections, educational initiatives and various projects around performing and visual arts. Rotem also mentored artists and organized exhibitions internationally, and her writings and scholarly texts appeared in publications such as Artforum.com, Philosophy of Photography and Tablet.

Scholar, public speaker and educator, her research explores the intersections of cultural and archival technologies, civic identities and the shaping of collective narratives. Rotem’s Dissertation research, titled Photographic Archives, Nationalism and the Foundation of the Jewish State, 1903-1948, was completed under the guidance of Prof. John Tagg at Binghamton University. In 2015-2016, Rotem served as the Dr. Sophie Bookhalter Research Fellow in Jewish Culture at the Center for Jewish History. Her academic research inspires various projects, including the exhibition series Discussions in Israeli Art (AJU, 2017-2018) and the exhibition Dead Lands: Karkaot Mawat, winner of the NurtureART curatorial call (April-May 2016).