Fortunately, the digital age has made it possible to visit some of Israel’s most famous exhibitions from the comfort of your home. Join us for online conversations with the best curators and artists, live from your living room!

Do you love to take pictures, but hundreds of image files just pile up in folders on your computer? Would you like to share them and get thoughtful feedback while connecting with others who have a love of photography?

This photography discussion group is an opportunity to do just that. Participants will settle in with a drink and share up to 10 photographs on an open theme, followed by constructive, teacher moderated, peer critiques.

Documenting the disappearance of Jewish lives and re-creating them on walls in Berlin as an emerging artist, Shimon Attie shaped an incredible creative path by re-imagining what was once and what could be again. Join a master class with this internationally celebrated artist to understand the social impact that public projects can make.

The waiting room requires patience. It requires accepting circumstances and conditions beyond our control. It requires sitting, observing, reflecting, anticipating. These moments, when we eagerly await the next step, are also when unexpected creativity might spark.

Join this workshop to find a creative way to express your own waiting room, whatever that may look like. You can paint, draw, collage, write, use found materials, and find your own way to think about this moment and what will happen next. You can share and idea and receive instruction on next steps, or come on to try something completely new.

Document and articulate this most unusual, unexpected, and challenging year using your iPhone or camera of choice! During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life for people around the globe, yet we have each faced this in different ways. Let’s look back at how we’ve adjusted routines, coped with loss, gained wisdom, and acquired lessons and insights. Become a photo-journalist of your own life and learn new skills by taking part in a 3-session workshop. Your photos will be shared with the community as an online group exhibition on the AJU website.