In this workshop, you will learn how to bring words to life by creating a visual interpretation of your favorite poem, short text–or your own writing–about renewal, the new world, promises for the year or forgiveness.

Materials: watercolor, acrylic paint, or pastels, pencil with eraser, Sharpie pen, paper, paper towels and water cup.

With hopes for renewal as we approach the Jewish new year and enter this historic moment of transition to a changed normalcy, our photo workshop focuses on how to portray new beginnings in your photographs. Explore these questions and more through photography: are there activities, people, and favorite places that you’re finally able to return to? With the easing of restrictions, what does re-emerging mean for you? What in your immediate world and community gives you hope—and what challenges and changes do you see lingering?

Called the “Dean of American Jewish Photographers,” Bill Aron has devoted most of his career to documenting Jewish communities worldwide.

Join him for a fascinating tour of the lives and unique sights he has captured over the past decades.

Be a part of a collaborative art project that commemorates the pandemic era. In this workshop, work with award-winning writer and director Diana Wyenn to craft and record your memories of the past 15 months. Composer Alejandro Cohen (dublab) will then create original scoring for the words and recorded memories. As we conclude this year and prepare for the Jewish new year, create a time capsule of memories, impressions, and moments of the past 15 months to share with your own community. The workshop is open to people of all ages and backgrounds that want to both offer and hold these memories.