Capture This Moment:

A Group Photo Essay to Document Your Journey

April 2021

Nancy Kaye, Instructor and Curator

The exhibition includes the work of: Anna Chow, Nancy Kaye, Lynda Fenneman, Debra Ruby, and Albert Wade.

The workshop, lead by Nancy Kaye—professional photographer, educator, and curator—served not only as a creative outlet for students, but also as a way of sharing experiences. Our collaboration creates a visual chronicle of these historical times.

Organized by the Soraya Sarah Nazarian Program in Fine Arts

Chief Curator, AJU: Dr. Rotem Rozental

As more and more people in the U.S. are vaccinated, safety guidelines are shifting and spring is in full bloom. During April 2021, the CDC deemed it safe for fully vaccinated people to be unmasked and socialize together in a home or outdoors.

While parts of the world face vaccine shortages, some places in the U.S. have a surplus as a result of vaccine hesitancy. Included in this collection of photos are images from Canada, which faced a surge in Covid cases. At the same time, cases in Los Angeles County are at a low point, and schools, libraries, and stores are gradually opening in adapted ways.

The return to normalcy, however, is not a steady progression, and places such as movie theaters and food courts try opening only to revise their plans. Regardless, the lure of spring, pandemic fatigue, and protection provided by the vaccine has propelled many to emerge from their cocoons and resume pre-pandemic activities.

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Cherry Blossoms, Anna Chow, April 4, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

Springtime in Vancouver, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, brings many people to Garry Point Park. Viewing cherry blossoms is popular especially where there is a tree canopy and not many indoor activities available these days. Physical distancing in place.

Excited Masked Shopper, Lynda Fenneman, April 24, 2021, Los Angeles

Pleasantly surprised to find stores open and doing business as usual, I was lured in by the sight of happy customers chatting, friendly, and so polite—just so happy to be there. I made purchases I didn’t need to support the “cause.” The woman who later rushed out the door insisted that I go first in line. I insisted she go first. But in the end it was age before beauty, and I went first. It felt neighborly, like people appreciated being with other people. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder?

Pandemic Fashion, Nancy Kaye, May 5, 2021, Beverly Hills

Making mask wearing more appealing, the new spring fashions displayed in this store has coordinating masks. Even the mannequins are modeling safe social distancing, staying at arms length from each other.

Dancing in the Plaza, Nancy Kaye, April, 25, 2021, Los Angeles

The shops and restaurants on Olvera Street in downtown LA, so dependent on tourism, have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Yet there is Sunday dancing in the adjacent historic plaza. And on this particular Sunday, on the other side of the temporary security fencing, the Academy Awards were being held in Union Station for the first time—a change of venue made on account of the pandemic.

Oscar Security, Nancy Kaye, April 25, 2021, Los Angeles

The pandemic altered the traditional red carpet pageantry of the Academy Awards. For the 93rd award presentations, tight security and road closures kept fans far away from celebrities who gathered for a scaled down ceremony at Union Station, the historic transit depot. Inside, guests were seated at widely separated tables, and musical performances were held at a separate location.

In-N-Out, Albert Wade, Palm Springs, April 22, 2021

Two patrons at In-N-Out Burger wait for their orders and adhere to safe distancing.

Restaurant Sign, Albert Wade, April 16, 2021, New York

Signs requiring masks when entering a shop are more common than ones requiring patrons to put on their mask when leaving.

Restricted Access Again, Anna Chow, April 15, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

While many cities are opening up, the dining tables in a food court in Yaohan Centre, a mall featuring Asian retailers, are taped up again during the third wave of the pandemic in some parts of Canada. The tables were open for dining just a few weeks earlier.

Getting Served, Debra Ruby, Bishop, California, March 24, 2021

Self-serve isn’t possible since Covid, but I’m thankful frozen yogurt places have survived and are still open to serve you. There aren’t any velvet ropes here — just makeshift barricades of tables for social distancing and to direct traffic.

Parking Lot Salon, Lynda Fenneman, April 24, 2021, Los Angeles

Ingenious entrepreneurs create possibilities for business wherever they can. The use of this parking lot in Studio City as a make shift, open air beauty salon demonstrates the human ability to adapt to change, in spite of quarantines and lock downs.

Nothing New at the Nuart, Nancy Kaye, May 2021, Los Angeles

The Nuart Theatre—a small art house movie theater known for showing independent films, foreign flicks, and restored classics—remains closed. Although movie theaters were allowed to reopen in LA County on March 15, the Nuart has closed yet to reopen—again. Lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a surge of popularity for streaming movies online, and I expect that interest in going to a theater to see a film will be slow to return.

Third Time’s the Charm, Debra Ruby, Placentia, CA, April 19, 2021

Walking by the elementary school, I thought this sign was funny. The schools keep trying to resume in-person learning, but each time shut down again. This time, I hope, it will stick. Third time’s a charm!

Temp Check, Anna Chow, April 20, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

A store in British Columbia requiring contactless temperature checks for entrance.

Greetings!, Lynda Fenneman, April 16, 2020, Los Angeles

Masks can’t hide real smiles. The greeting I received at the Tapia Bros. Farmers market in the Sepulveda basin made a real human connection in spite of our masks and distancing. We related over broccoli and radishes.

Masked Lady with Bouquet, Lynda Fenneman, April 16, 2021, Los Angeles

A splash of color makes quarantining more tolerable, bringing cheer and raising spirits. This Tapia Bros. gardener showed off her bouquet with pride.

Bowling Anyone?, Debra Ruby, La Habra, CA, April 17, 2021

I’m not ready to go bowling yet, but lots of people are. I like that they’re sanitizing the bowling balls and the shoes after use. Besides requiring masks, the managers have to space out bowling parties and keep every other lane empty for social distancing. They’ve had to turn people away because there isn’t enough space for everyone to play. It’s first come, first serve!

Vaccinated, Debra Ruby, Anaheim, CA, April 1, 2021

I feel so much freer since I’ve been vaccinated. My husband and I got our shots on the same day and marked the occasion with a steak dinner afterwards at a restaurant. We wanted to celebrate and didn’t want to wait the extra two weeks recommended by the CDC. It felt so good to go out for dinner and be “normal” again.

Vaccine Location Super Site, Lynda Fenneman, April 19, 2021, Los Angeles

When I was at the Hansen Dam vaccine super site in early March for my second COVID-19 shot, the wait was longish and the lot was full of cars and volunteers. It was humming with activity. On April 19, it was temporarily shut down and silent in anticipation of unrest due to the pending verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

Vaccine Rollout, Nancy Kaye, January 2021, Los Angeles

COVID-19 vaccines were first available based on strict criteria—elderly, health care providers, and essential workers were eligible first. Emergency use authorization allowed vaccinations, and the rush was reflected in the “homemade” signage. It made the rollout feel like a community effort. This spring, many places around the country are administering vaccinations with no advance appointments necessary, and offering incentives like pizza or payment to encourage those hesitant about the vaccine.

Baby’s Touch, Lynda Fenneman, Jan. 6, 2021, Los Angeles

While strolling at the Huntington Gardens I got an alert on my phone about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Sad news that makes the future even more scary and uncertain than face masks and social distancing. Then I noticed the wonderment of a toddler touching and discovering a face that had been hidden beneath a mask. I thought, “Life will go on. We will find a way.“ January 6, 2021 will be etched in my memory.

Masked at the Huntington, Lynda Fenneman, San Marino, California

Most gardens at the Huntington are open by appointment for visitors to enjoy fresh air and nature safely. I noticed the exuberance of children as they watched ducks swimming in the lake at the Chinese Pavilion—their enthusiasm understandable after being cooped up for many months.

In Their Own World, Albert Wade, April 9, 2021, La Cañada Flintridge, California

On a visit to Descanso Gardens my grandchildren and their dad, complying with the mask policy, pause at a pond—each in their own world. The popular botanical garden is open by appointment only to limit crowds.

Soccer Practice as Usual, Anna Chow, April 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

Soccer practice at a local park was ‘business as usual’ with precautions such as wearing masks. So good to see that there are still some activities outdoors for kids.

Masked Kite Fliers, Lynda Fenneman, February 27, 2021, Los Angeles
Working together with the wind, two people create harmony and magic. Their kite plays in the wind, free like a bird. I await the time when we are free of the pandemic.

Stay a Wing Span Away…, Anna Chow, Richmond, British Columbia
Bird trivia and physical distancing tool: the approximate wingspan of a Great Blue Heron = 2 meters or 6 feet.

Rabbitland, Anna Chow, April 17, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

So many rabbits during this pandemic year. There were none in our neighborhood prior to the pandemic, but now there are multiple rabbits on every block. The absence of constant plane noise from the overhead flight path may have been more inviting for these little guys.

Half-Staff at Hansen Dam, Lynda Fenneman, March 19, 2021, Los Angeles

The flag at the Hansen Dam fishing lake was flying at half-staff in honor of former Vice President Walter Mondale who died earlier that morning.

Presidential Address to Congress, Nancy Kaye, April 28, 2021, Los Angeles

President Biden’s first address to Congress had another first—two women behind him on the podium: Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi.

Love Thy Neighbor, Lynda Fenneman, April 16, 2021, Los Angeles

A man sits on bench, partially obscuring the Biblical adage written in Hebrew: Love thy neighbor as yourself. Certainly an appropriate message for this moment in time.

La Reina, Lynda Fenneman, March 24, 2021, Los Angeles

The La Reina Theater in Studio City—built in 1937—has been closed for 47 years, and all that’s left of its history is the ticket booth, terrazzo sidewalk, and marquee (the auditorium was destroyed in the 1994 Northridge earthquake). But it is still around to see another moment in history: the COVID-19 pandemic with socially distanced, masked pedestrians.

Happy Dog, Lynda Fenneman, March 29, 2021, Los Angeles

Dogs have enjoyed more frequent than usual walks in the park during the pandemic lockdown. The open air and great outdoors with their master is a bliss they have grown used to.

Street Portraits, Nancy Kaye, summer 2020, Los Angeles

From the time of his killing in 2020 until the trial and conviction this spring of the police officer who killed him, George Floyd has become and remains a symbol of the injustice and violence experienced by many Black Americans. Numerous street portraits of Floyd appeared throughout Los Angeles in summer 2020 and can still be seen.

Stop the Hate, Lynda Fenneman, April 24, 2021, Los Angeles

This sign was among many I saw, in store windows and painted on the sides of buildings, that made me proud to be a part of Studio City, a community with the love-one-another spirit. Thank you for speaking out!

Long Shadows, Lynda Fenneman, April 24, 2021, Los Angeles

This usually busy strip of Ventura Boulevard looks like a setting for a Raymond Chandler mystery set in another time. I feel a pathos there and an ambiguous future.

Moment of Serenity, Anna Chow, April 20, 2021, Richmond, British Columbia

Amidst another wave of the pandemic, there is some respite available in the spring evening—sundown by the river. There were a few parties enjoying this view, well distanced from each other.