Josef Albers | Mary Corse | Laddie John Dill | Yankel Ginzburg | Ed Moses

Curator: Dr. Rotem Rozental

The Project Room

January 12-May 1, 2020

The participating artists in this group exhibition transformed, re-defined and activated the space of the painting, by exploring the qualities, relationships and impact of light, color and material.

While Josef Albers spent time in Los Angeles, at the Tamarind workshop, where he deepened his interest in color, Corse, Dill and Moses’s practice, experience and perception were defined by their life in California. Yankel Ginzburg’s viewpoint is defined by his experience as a Jewish refugee and an immigrant, and the meeting points of painting and three-dimensional forms. In that sense, this exhibition seeks to highlight possible affinities that emerge by regarding the artists’ connections to a place, an environment, and its specific natural and cultural conditions.

The title of the exhibition derives from a quote by Mary Corse, who considered the painting as an extended experience, which has a visceral impact on vision, body and our understanding of space.