Opening Reception: March 8, 2020, 3-5pm

Free and open to the public | Family friendly
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Join us for a celebration of women of L.A. and AJU!

An up-close and personal photography exhibition with women and their inspirations.

Photographs by Yael Nov

Participants include: Anna Ayeroff, Virginia Maas, Myra Meskin, Rabbi Rose Prevezer, Stacie Saraaf, Dena Levine Schechter, Stefanie Siegel, Leora Smith, Jenny Yurshansky

A recently converted Jewish woman embraces her adoptive mother, softly expressing gratitude for all of her efforts to provide a good life and a safe future, and her support of this new path; a rabbinical student listens to her Holocaust surviving grandmother recounting how the March of the Living breathed new life into her world, motivating a return to Berlin for the first time since the War; the Chairperson of the Board of the American Jewish University encounters a four-decade old photograph of her mentor, who defined her early path into philanthropy and social engagement; a mother and daughter wear similar clothes and burst into laughter when they look at one another–one was welcomed into Judaism by AJU, the other is forming her way as an artist in the same spaces years later.

For the past weeks, the filming studio at AJU witnessed uplifting and touching moments of closeness and camaraderie, shared between women from across the AJU universe. They responded to our invitation: select a woman that inspires you, invite her for a photoshoot, and tell us about your connection. This resulted in an unexpected journey following their shared experiences and the change they generate in the world, reflecting their unique place within the AJU community, and impact on Jewish life in the region.

Across from them, at AJUs academic wing, a historical traveling exhibition created by the City of L.A. in honor of Jewish heritage month is on display: an exceptional in-depth look at Jewish women that transformed (and are actively defining) Los Angeles. Seen together, the exhibitions unveil the complex mosaic of local Jewish womanhood, illuminating social commitments, changing dynamics, and the historical conditions that continue to define our aspirations, pathways and actions.

Dr. Rotem Rozental


This project is Inspired by the City of Los Angeles and The Jewish Historical Society of Southern California and their efforts to showcase the impact of Jewish women on life in Los Angeles.

The traveling exhibition made possible by: