As we wait for this pandemic to be over, we quarantine and isolate, or, at least, some of us do. But can we ever truly be completely separated creatures? Our “squares” overlap even when we distance, making them imperfect squares. But will that imperfection save or destroy us?


Larry Wolf’s work reflects his unique ability to combine his passion for law with his love for artistic expression through bold textures and vibrant colors. Dedicating over 40 years to building his legal skills, Wolf explores his experiences in this field through introspection that is expressed in his series of original paintings entitled, “A Brush with the Law”.

Wolf communicates his struggle to search for new alternatives and solutions to problems both in art and in the courtroom. This series expresses his drive to  always look at things in a new way. Art has become an outlet that has taken him on a journey that he shares with us through these works that are as intriguing to the mind as they are a delight to the eye.