Mother’s Prayer for Sudan, oil on canvas, 40*30.

Boy Taking a Rest from Play. Oil on Canvas, 30 * 36.


A mother caring for an infant in a room; not knowing what tomorrow would bring. I was inspired by thinking of their relationship. I also enjoy painting children, showing their innocence to the world.

I believe one’s joy of art can only grow, it can never diminish because it is eternal. As long as I can remember, I have been an artist. I have been painting in oil for over two decades. My subjects are primarily African people. I like to use bold colors in my work and paint with sensitivity to detail, choosing subjects with a story behind them; a special meaning that touches people’s heart.

My instructor at AJU, Adria Becker, as well as artist Dorothy Ghose, have been instrumental in my art, and I wish to thank them both for their support.