Mic-Aline is comprised of images of minerals and the body in transformation. Transparent passages blend fragments of the body with remnants of mica, copper, gold, seeds and the earth. Mica is a natural form of glass; its crystal structure growing in thin shimmering plates, a shifting metaphor of sight and of the unknown. The work is manifested as painted images, projections, and mixed media installation.


Aline Mare began her career in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, coming out of a background of theatre, experimental film, and installation art. She completed undergraduate work at SUNY Buffalo’s Center for Media Studies and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, where she produced the film Saline’s Solution, a series of installations and performances that dealt with abortion from a feminist point of view, exhibiting at The Cinematheque in SF, The Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. She has received several grants and residencies, including Fourwinds in Aureille, France, a New York State Residency for the Arts.

She continues to expand her work, concentrating on mixed media and installation, exploring the body and metaphors of nature and its transformative relationship to the human psyche and the state of our planet. New works have been exhibited locally and internationally in venues including the Griffin Museum, Turtle Bay Museum, Thoreau Center in San Francisco, and the Santa Monica Museum, among others. Her work is included in several private collections. alinemare.com