In creating this video, I joined together several pieces that were painted before, with those that were painted during, theses past 10 months. This became my comfort, my healing. I was able to compartmentalize my fears and move in the direction of hope.

Artist Statement:

Like most artists, the act of creation is our passion.  Each of us has a unique voice in how that art plays out on paper, canvas, clay – whatever the medium may be.  As for myself, whether working with watercolors, acrylic or color pencil, I am at my best when I’m creating.  Bolstered by the enticing words and music of Leonard Cohen, or in complete silence, I can go on for hours and hours, in a sort of meditative state.

I’ve learned to trust that whatever comes forth from the canvas is what was meant to show up.  With my acrylic work, I’ll begin with a background, where the figure of a woman always presents itself, and thus, I paint her.  Why women?  I love the inherent inner beauty of the female.  She continues to ask to be painted, where her outer beauty is also visible.  My card line, though more illustrative than the fine art pieces, is just another way I continue to bring the feminine alive in my painting.