How can we use diverse objects, such as discarded tablecloth, wallpaper, curtain, door hinge, milk crate, lath and plaster scrap, to become valuables. By reforming and re-employing, the work reduces, reuses and up-cycles.


S.P. Harper is a veteran instructor of art at AJU’s Soraya Sarah Nazarian Program in Fine Arts. She studied art at American University in Paris, France with Paul Jenkins, USC Roski School of Fine Art (BFA) and at ArtCenter in Pasadena. After spending 12 years in New York City, Harper returned to Los Angeles to teach and practice eco-centric art, aka neo-materialism. She is inspired by her grandfather, Archibald Picking, who was a diamantaire (diamond cutter) before becoming a conductor for Pacific Electric Red Cars.

Harper has been featured in numerous publications, exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, among them Neutra Institute Museum, Autry Southwest Museum, TAM: Torrence Art Museum, Irvine Fine Arts Center and MOAH, Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, California.