WHAT will you be and HOW will you be in the great big pause of life?

In the year 2020, I found myself in the hallway of life. Either door I chose to leave the hallway would lead to my next destination. during these pause-full months i have taken up things that symbolize a human being rather than a human doing. in this pause, my progression in mind, body and spirit has been a transformation i never imagined to happen. my work over this part year has been an exercise in identifying what my mind, soul and body needed to purge. some days i found peace and soulfulness in my work. other days i found sadness, grief and longing. as i move into the next phase of my life, i feel ready to embrace what will come for i know it will be spectacular. my work began as multi media art – a true searching for what my soul was saying. it has evolved into a daily expression of my state of being on any given day. i have used acrylics, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, watercolors, q-tips, tulle, beads, yarn, noodles, melted wax, felt pens, string, ribbon and have used all of it as a way to be and a way to express. i have attached a photo of the collage “book” to show the nearly 50 pages of work i’ve done in the book.

Artist Statement:

I am an educator/entrepreneur turned woman-in-training-to-be. I have recently taken up art and am transitioning to other passions in life.