How do I explore my identity as what many consider a “White Passing Jew”? I use sailing/nautical motifs and symbology alongside my upbringing in New England prep culture to investigate how I relate to my Jewish and white identity.

This image is taken from a series of painted canvas sails and masts set into wood logs at various scales. The planted sails speak to our present time, as our communities float without direction, toward an uncertain fate and our outlook is informed by historic trauma, oppression and violence on personal, cultural and environmental levels.


Ethan is an entrepreneur, artist, D&I facilitator, media host and brain cancer survivor. In 2015, he discovered his purpose as a Love Extremist and has produced, hosted and facilitated over 100 conversations, workshops, podcasts and salons on love, inclusion, health and culture with partners including TED, NPR, Kaiser Permanente, Summit Series, The World Economic Forum, Breakout, The Jewish Federation and major US tech companies.

Ethan’s professional career as a visual artist painting vehicles and textiles has included commissions featured in Soho House, Cool Hunting, Vogue, Architects Digest, Forbes and many more.